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My name is Christina, I am the Textile designer and botanical dyer behind Walrus Baby Textiles.

Walrus Baby is my attempt to dye natural fibers using locally sourced botanicals, dye plants, and food waste. It is a magical ride. My goal is to continuously learn about natural dyeing and share it with the world for less waste and help people make beautiful dyed fabrics!


I love to keep my hands busy and my heart full.

I have been in love with textiles ever since I can remember. 
I love creating art where you can see and feel the hands that shaped it, and where you can tell that there has been passion and precision throughout the entire process. Collaboration, I believe, is one of the ways that the whole world can be connected. I hope that everyone that comes in contact with my designs can also feel all the love on their fingers!

Come on in, check out my designs, smile a bit (: 
I am currently available for freelance work. 
Feel free to contact me at

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